Stay Healthy at Home

We applaud your efforts to keep your child healthy at home, and understand it is not easy to remain socially distant as our nation works together to battle the Coronavirus. Our healthcare experts recommend a short “A list” to support your family’s wellness efforts.

Your “A list” to stay healthy at home:

  • Astronauts: Recent news articles suggest we can feel more comfortable at home if we follow the advice of America’s astronauts who spend months in space. Our favorite tips: avoid counting the number of days apart from others, and stick to a daily plan.
  • Alarms Clocks: Most children crave routines, and during stay-at-home orders it is important to stick to a daily schedule when possible. Try waking up around the same time each morning and follow a routine that includes helping your child connect virtually with friends and loved ones.
  • Albums (or playlists): Encourage your children to sing along, and dance, to their favorite songs. Singing releases natural chemicals in our bodies, called endorphins, that help ease feelings of stress and depression.

Download the myPrivia app

Your Privia pediatrician and care team also want you to remember Apps and Appointments, including downloading the myPrivia app and keeping your child’s medical appointments. With the myPrivia app, you can easily join or schedule a secure virtual visit with a Privia provider. Your pediatrician is in the best position to determine the type of visit that is right for your child. The app is available for download on the App Store or Google Play.

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

Remember, you can best maintain your child’s health by staying connected to your pediatrician throughout the Coronavirus outbreak. We wish you well.

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