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Internal Medicine and Geriatric Treatment for Older Adults

Giving geriatric treatment is within the confines of internal medicine. It deals with the internal health of the elderly. Targeting the specific ailments of the older generation needs more focus. It means looking at all the parts of the illness. If you want to understand internal medicine and geriatric treatments for the elderly, here are the details.


General internal and geriatric medicine tend to overlap. Most internists see elderly patients. Doctors who practice geriatric medicine treat almost the same ailments internists do. The elderly can access treatments for internal medical issues. They will not need to leave the facility to see an internist anymore.


Many people think that older people do not need psychotherapy anymore. This is because most older adults are set in the way they do things. In truth, many elderly patients want to seek psychotherapy. They want help in coping with aging, unresolved issues, and family relationships.

Older adults want psychotherapy to help them tackle their behavior and present situation. These patients do not want to resolve childhood issues. The goal is for them to have one or two 45-minute sessions in one month. These sessions must have new strategies for dealing with problems and family members.


Physical therapy is an important form of geriatric treatment. It improves a patient’s mobility, strength, and flexibility. This treatment benefits the internal health of a geriatric patient. It reduces the patient’s risk of falling and any form of injury.

This type of therapy goes well with internal medicine treatments in reducing pain from various chronic ailments like arthritis. It even cancels out future symptoms. This leads to lessening any need for prescription pain medication. Removing more prescription medications can be cost-effective for the patient.


This is a method from the Ancient Chinese culture. Here, the healthcare professional inserts thin needles into different areas of the body. Doing so will treat many diseases. This geriatric treatment can offer relief to older adults without using prescription medication. It can relieve respiratory issues. Acute rhinitis and acute tonsilitis are only two of these ailments.

Acupuncture can treat eye disorders as well. This geriatric treatment can relieve myopia and conjunctivitis in the elderly. The yin and yang in acupuncture can help older adults regain balance in the body. The energy balance in the body reduces diseases.

Many older adults experience mental and emotional problems. Acupuncture can also treat them. Insomnia, anxiety, and depression are common in elderly patients. These result in many types of body pains. The healthcare provider will target specific points in the body and place the needle in them. Regular sessions can provide consistent relaxation as well.


Geriatric patients tend to be more complex than younger ones. That is why there is an entire branch of healthcare capable of caring for the elderly. A geriatric treatment has more than one method of providing care. An appointment with your geriatrician can help start your loved one’s treatment plan right away.