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Infertility Counseling

Having issues with conception can be hard and take a toll on your relationship. At Reston Women’s Center in Reston, Virginia, the compassionate team of medical experts provides expert infertility counseling and can hold your hand throughout the conception process. If you’re having trouble getting pregnant on your own, call the office or book an appointment online to determine the cause of your infertility and guide your care plan.


Infertility Counseling Q & A

What is Infertility?

Infertility affects between 10-15% of couples in the United States. It’s characterized by the difficulty or inability to get pregnant, usually after one year of trying. Women older than 35 years may require fertility tests and interventions after six months of trying to get pregnant.

Is Infertility Always the Woman’s Problem?

Women are responsible for about one-third of infertility cases, but one-third of fertility issues are related to men. The remaining cases involve both partners or have an unknown cause.

At Reston Women’s Center, the experienced staff can run tests on both partners to get to the cause of your infertility and offer counseling to help you decide your course of treatment following diagnosis.

What Types of Issues Cause Infertility in Women?

Ovulation disorders commonly cause female infertility. Blocked fallopian tubes and endometriosis are other treatable causes of infertility.

The staff at Reston Women’s Center reviews your symptoms, diagnostic tests, and lifestyle to counsel you on the best course of treatment to help you get pregnant.

What Issues Cause Infertility in Men?

At Reston Women’s Center, in-house sperm analysis can help the team determine if infertility problems are stemming from the male partner in the relationship. Sperm analysis can reveal abnormalities in the sperm or low sperm counts. Genetic disorders are also responsible for male infertility in some cases.

What Treatments are Available for Infertility?

Treatments for infertility depend on the cause of your trouble getting pregnant. During infertility counseling, the team goes over all your options, the likelihood that specific treatments will result in pregnancy, and the effort involved.

Together, you, the counselor, and your partner can work out the best treatment plan, which may involve fertility medications to induce ovulation, lifestyle changes, in vitro fertilization, or artificial insemination.

In the 20% of infertility cases with an unknown cause, your fertility counselor can help you navigate the uncertainty and recommend treatments that may help you get pregnant.

If you’ve received an infertility diagnosis, consult the expert staff at Reston Women’s Center to find out your treatment options for getting pregnant. Call the office or book an appointment online today.