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Pre-Conception Counseling

If you’re interested in becoming pregnant in the coming months, it’s essential to prepare your body and mind. At Reston Women’s Center in Reston, Virginia, the experienced staff of OB/GYNs, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners can help you with family planning and what to expect during pregnancy. Call the office or book online to get the answers you need for all aspects of prenatal, pregnancy, and postnatal care with preconception counseling.


Pre-Conception Counseling Q & A

Why Should I Seek Preconception Care and Counseling?

Preconception care and counseling help ensure you’re the healthiest you can be before you go through nine months of pregnancy. The team at Reston Women’s Center goes over your medical health, any potential issues with fertility, and possible risks to you and the baby according to your age and family history.

Preconception counseling is also a time for you to ask questions about everything and anything related to prenatal and postnatal health, as well as issues that may arise during pregnancy and with the health of your unborn or newborn baby

What Kind of Information Should I Be Prepared to Share During a Preconception Counseling Session?

The team at Reston Women’s Center strives to provide a preconception counseling appointment that’s informative and helpful for you. Be prepared to discuss issues such as:

  • Your reproductive history
  • Sexual history
  • Current medications
  • Family health history
  • Medical and surgical history
  • Nutrition, healthy weight, and weight gain during pregnancy
  • Your home and work environment (particularly whether you’re exposed to potential toxins)
  • Lifestyle factors such as substance use

If you aren’t already on a prenatal vitamin, your doctor may start you on one to ensure you’re getting enough critical nutrients, including folic acid and calcium, which support a healthy baby and pregnancy.

What Tests are Included as Part of Preconception Counseling?

Your practitioner performs a physical exam to ensure your organs are healthy, along with a pelvic exam to check your reproductive organs. You may also undergo lab tests to check for hepatitis, HIV, syphilis, and rubella.

Depending on your age and family history, genetic counseling might be advisable, which can give you an idea of your risk of having a child with a congenital disability.

Can Preconception Counseling Help Me Get Pregnant?

Preconception counseling can help you better understand your fertility and cycle, so you have intercourse on the days during which you’re most fertile.

It can also give you an idea of how long it may take you to get pregnant, based on your sexual and medical history and age. Your counselor can also advise you if you might consider seeking fertility treatments to increase your pregnancy potential.

Preconception counseling can ensure you’re the healthiest possible before becoming pregnant. Call today or book an appointment online to discuss how to get your mind, body, and life ready for pregnancy with a family planning expert at Reston Women’s Center.