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Pregnancy Care

Routine checkups are crucial when you’re pregnant because they can prevent complications to you and your baby that may arise during pregnancy and birth. Trust the compassionate, skilled team of providers at Reston Women’s Center with your pregnancy care. If you’re a pregnant woman in Reston, Virginia or the surrounding area, call the office or book an appointment online to experience the healthiest pregnancy possible.


Pregnancy Care Q & A

What is Involved in Routine Pregnancy Care?

Education is a critical component of pregnancy care; the staff at Reston Women’s Center lets you know how you can protect your growing fetus. Also, the staff makes sure you:

  • Are taking your prenatal vitamins
  • Have appropriate screening tests at each stage of pregnancy
  • Are free of infection
  • Have a baby that’s growing at a proper rate and is healthy at each stage

Reston Women’s Center also has an onsite sonographer to examine your fetus at relevant stages.

Besides expert pregnancy care, you also receive “pregnancy bags” at each visit that are filled with all sorts of samples and goodies to make your journey to motherhood feel extra special.

Regular visits to Reston Women’s Center help you build a connection to the doctors and staff who will be there when you deliver. They can ensure the process goes smoothly and be there to support you should an emergency or complication arise.

What is a High-Risk Pregnancy?

A pregnancy is deemed “high-risk” if you or your baby has a higher than average chance of experiencing a health issue during pregnancy or delivery. Issues that make your pregnancy high-risk, and that the providers at Reston Women’s Center are prepared to address, include:

  • Advanced maternal age
  • Teen pregnancies
  • Uncontrolled diabetes/gestational diabetes
  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • Preeclampsia
  • History of miscarriages
  • Unchecked thyroid disorders
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • History of preterm labor
  • Seizure disorders

What Type of Care Do I Need if I Have a High-Risk Pregnancy?

If your pregnancy is termed “high-risk,” it helps the doctors know to keep a closer eye on you to ensure your pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible.

The team tailors their treatment to your needs, especially when you have a high-risk pregnancy, and promotes individualized care by screening, identifying, testing, and treating each specific case. Some of the services they offer to women with a high-risk pregnancy include:

  • More frequent visits
  • Ultrasound tests
  • Regular blood pressure checks
  • Routine urine tests

At Reston Women’s Center, your doctor continually assesses your well-being and that of your fetus. The team offers compassion while providing you with the best care possible.

Receive quality care from an experienced team that’s well-versed in complex conditions affecting pregnancy. Call Reston Women’s Center or book an appointment online.