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Induction of Labor

Labor induction is a procedure used to stimulate uterine contractions before labor begins on its own. Successful labor induction leads to a vaginal birth. Induction of labor is requested for various reasons, including medical necessity/high risk situations, post-term pregnancy, and elective preference. Requests for an induction of labor at Anne Arundel Medical Center are handled on an individual basis. If you and your doctor have discussed a request for induction, it will be submitted per hospital protocol.

The hospital handles requests from all obstetric physicians in the greater Annapolis area. Requests are prioritized according to medical necessity (high risk/medical first, post-term pregnancy second, etc). There are only a specified number of induction times available, not every request can be granted. A request for induction can be made only 7 days prior to the desired date. No inductions prior to 39 weeks gestation are considered unless there is a medical indication. The hospital will attempt to accommodate the requested date, but there is no guarantee. Induction time slots are usually very early in the morning, in the evening and late at night.

Once you and your doctor have decided to request an induction, it will be sent to the hospital 7 days prior to the desired date. Usually the hospital responds to each request within 24 hours. We will inform you when the hospital responds to the request.

In some cases your doctor will recommend a “gel” one day before the induction. This is a medication applied to the cervix to help make it soft and able to stretch during labor. If a “gel” is ordered by your doctor, the hospital will automatically assign an appointment for this procedure when they assign your induction time. The “gel” is performed by your doctor in labor and delivery at the hospital. Please arrive a few minutes before your assigned time.

The day before your induction, you will be contacted by a hospital staff member who will verify your arrival time and answer any questions you may have. If you have not received a call by 8:00 pm the day before your scheduled induction, please call 443-481-6989.

We encourage you to eat a light meal before your induction (fruit, juice, bagel, etc) unless otherwise instructed by the hospital staff or your doctor.

Labor and delivery is located on the second floor of the Rebecca M. Clatanoff Pavilion at the Anne Arundel Medical Center. You should park in Garage C at the rear of the main hospital.

When you arrive for your induction, you will be checked in and assigned a room. After you are settled in your room, an I.V. will be started and the medication to induce labor will be added to your I.V. as instructed by your physician

We look forward to meeting you and your new baby. Here is some information that may be helpful for you to understand the induction labor process.

ASK Questions!! we are here for you! Out goal is to have a healthy mom, healthy baby & happy family!

Before you arrive…

Please call 1 hour prior to your induction time to make sure that the slot is still available (443) 481-6989

You will be given a date & time to arrive for your induction. Inductions are scheduled and please be aware, on the day of your induction; the scheduled time can be delayed or even cancelled due to the number of patients currently in labor and emergencies.

Know the reason for being induced.

Bring items from home that will help you feel comfortable during labor (pillows, music, lotions, etc.)

When you arrive & during your stay…

You will be given and IV and we will monitor you and your baby throughout the process

Labor can be induced by several methods. Through IV medication, a medical gel or tablets placed directly on your cervix, tablets given by mouth an/or with a balloon device placed in your cervix.

To eat or not to eat???

Eat a light meal before arriving to the hospital per your provider’s instructions.

Plan to have clear liquids until you deliver. This includes any liquid that you can see throught at room temp. We provide ginger ale, apple juice, cranberry juice, Jell-O, popsicles, ice and water. If you prefer, you can bring your own choice of clear fluids to drink during labor

Expect the unexpected…

Have an open mind because sometimes induction of labor takes more than a few hours and occasionally can take a couple of days.

Induction of labor sometimes does not work the first time and you may be sent home undelivered if this happens.

If you have any medical problems or any problems arise during the induction process, some of these guidelines may be altered to ensure the safest environment for you and your baby

*** Please park in Garage C off of Medical Parkway and follow signs for the Clatanoff Pavilion, Labor & Delivery***

If you have any further questions regarding this process, please feel free to ask your provider.