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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

It is true that the aging process can interrupt your body’s delicate balance which was in place before you entered menopause. Dr. Miller can help you restore that balance.

To get you back to your goal weight, Dr. Miller’s approach is more scientific than most weight loss programs. First, he will explore the possible reasons underlying your weight gain:

  • Difficulty in stopping eating even when you feel full
  • Eating foods loaded with sugar or refined flour and with little nutritional value
  • Hormone imbalance caused by birth control pills or an under-active thyroid
  • Excess cortisol, the stress hormone
  • Use of synthetic hormones
  • Use of anti-depressant medications
  • Lack of exercise

If any medications or hormones you are taking are preventing weight loss, Dr. Miller may suggest alternatives. Together, you will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of each before going forward with any changes.

Dr. Miller welcomes the addition of Aynsley Miller Fisher to his practice. She is a health and nutrition counselor. She will complement Dr Miller’s weight loss and healthy living philosophy.

“When my patients reach menopause, I hear a great deal of frustration about not being able to lose weight.”

End the Lose Weight - Gain Weight Cycle for Good

Dr. Miller also provides nutritional support and personal counseling to help you lose the weight. He will focus on helping you decrease your appetite and emotional cravings, burn off unhealthy fat, and reset your metabolism.