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The cost of treatment varies per each individual and what their insurance covers. Since most insurance companies cover most of our services under well-women care, we can look up the insurance information before the appointment to figure out the cost. We can go over payment options with the patient after the appointment or over the phone.

Dr. Rodgers provides regular OB/GYN care, contraception services, body contouring, laser hair removal, pregnancy assistance, ovarian/cervical cancer screenings and more. For a full list of our services and more information, visit our “Our Services” page or call our office at 1-301-804-9481.

No. While Dr. Rodgers does not offer cervical/ovarian cancer treatment, she does provide the screening services and can diagnose the condition. As is the case with many forms of cancer, early detection can drastically increase the rate of a successful treatment and recovery. If you notice odd symptoms or pain in or around the cervix, do not hesitate to call and schedule an appointment. While it may not be cancer, there is a multitude of possible conditions that Dr. Rodger’s can treat.

At Total Women’s Care, Dr. Rodgers will do everything in her power to ensure a comfortable treatment process. From the moment patients walk in the door of our office to the treatment room, we create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the patient to feel comfortable.

Dr. Rodgers treats female patients of all ages that are within the range of available treatment services she provides. If someone is unsure if an OB/GYN is the best treatment option, then we recommend giving us a call and scheduling a consultation. We will determine what the best course of action is to treat the patient’s condition.