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Audiology and Hearing Aids

It can be frustrating to live with a hearing impairment or balance disorder. At Greenville ENT, our goal is to accurately diagnose these issues and provide evidence-based treatments to restore your hearing or make you feel more stable on your feet. Our Doctors of Audiology provide state of the art, comprehensive care focused on meeting each patient’s unique needs.

Audiometric Tests 

  • Adult and pediatric hearing tests
  • Tympanometry
  • Speech discrimination testing
  • Eustachian tube function testing
  • Acoustic reflex testing
  • Otoacoustic emissions (OAEs)
  • Auditory brainstem response testing for infants and young children
  • Additional specialized testing for Meniere’s disease and otosclerosis

Hearing Aids

No hearing loss is the same, and we recognize the need to create custom communication solutions for each patient. At Greenville ENT, we provide counseling, selection, fitting, and verification to ensure you’re getting the maximum benefit from your hearing aids. 

We’re able to offer a selection of the best devices from most major manufacturers, so you can choose from a wide variety of technology levels, features, and accessories. 

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Earplugs and Custom Earmolds

Maximize the comfort of your hearing aids with custom earmolds, or protect your hearing with custom order and instant-fit plugs. We offer protective earplugs for a number of situations: 

  • Filtered musician’s earplugs
  • Occupational noise protection
  • Swim plugs
  • Shooting/firearm earplugs
  • NASCAR/racing earplugs

Cochlear Implants

Our team evaluates and implants qualifying children and adults with FDA-approved devices manufactured by Cochlear Americas, MED-EL, and Advanced Bionics. Our Cochlear Implant Multidisciplinary Team meets regularly to help our pediatric patients get the most out of their implant as they develop speech and language.

Vestibular Testing 

Dizziness, vertigo, and loss of balance can make daily life feel uncertain, uncomfortable, or just off. Walking, climbing stairs, driving, and even walking through a crowded grocery store aisle can lead to a fall or feeling of disorientation. 

We offer Videonystagmography (VNG) testing to evaluate different aspects of your inner ear and central balance system to help you find a solution. 

For answers to common questions related to hearing and balance, see our Audiology FAQ.