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Abnormal Bleeding

What Is Abnormal Bleeding or Heavy Bleeding? 

Normal menstruation causes a woman to lose around two ounces of blood during her regular period. This can cause mild to moderate discomfort and most women know what to expect each month. Deviations from this normal expectation can be alarming. If a period pain causes disruption in daily activities of living such as work, school, or childcare, women should contact their doctor. In addition, menstrual bleeding that soaks through more than one tampon or pad an hour for multiple hours should contact their doctor. Finally, while blood clots are somewhat common, any clots ranging larger than the size of a quarter should be addressed.

When Should I Contact a Doctor About Abnormal Bleeding? 

If heavy bleeding causes disruption in a woman’s life, she should seek out medical help from her medical provider. While cramping is somewhat expected during menstruation, this typically only lasts one to three days. Severe cramping or cramping that lasts far longer than normally expected may indicate a more complex complication that requires medical attention. Additionally, any bleeding during pregnancy should immediately be addressed by a medical provider. The doctors at Legacy OB/GYN are skilled in diagnosing the cause of and treating abnormal bleeding as well as guiding women to better reproductive health and functioning. Their skilled team allows women to enjoy reproductive health provided exclusively by female doctors.

How Is Abnormal Bleeding Treated?

Abnormal bleeding can be caused by a variety of health conditions including cysts, polycystic ovary syndrome, fibroids, blood clots, and other health concerns. Multiple tests are indicated to test for these and any other conditions not listed above. These tests include hysteroscopy, hydroablation, and various other surgeries. When a condition does not call for surgery, various pills may be prescribed including pain relievers and birth control pills. The female doctors at Legacy OB/GYN are able to offer a full suite of services for all women. Contact them today for access to a high degree of skill, knowledge, and empathy to the medical needs of a woman.