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What Is Menopause? 

Menopause is the series of changes that occur in a woman’s body after it stops producing monthly reproductive eggs. In addition, a woman will experience moderate to severe hormonal adjustment which can cause a variety of emotional and somatic symptoms. While each woman is different, common symptoms include anxiety, irritability, mood swings, hot flashes, reduced libido, and sleep disruption. While menopause is something that most women go through, it is better that they do not have to go at it alone. The doctors at Legacy OB/GYN understand that this period of time can be emotionally traumatic on a woman and can provide insight into how this can be managed and approached to reduce discomfort.

What Treatments Minimize the Symptoms of Menopause? 

Since each woman experiences menopause differently, their needs during menopause are often unique. Bio-identical hormone therapy is utilized to reduce the severity of the symptoms that menopause is causing in the body. Women can benefit from hormonal therapy by receiving supplementary hormones to replace those no longer being naturally produced by the body. Lifestyle changes may need to be made as certain activities or foods can trigger symptoms of menopause. Alternative medical interventions may be prescribed such as medication, relaxation, or talk therapy. As women go through this change in their life, the doctors at Legacy OB/GYN are available to provide support and interventions to reduce the severity of what is being experienced.

How Does Hormone Therapy Work? 

When menopause begins, hormone activity in the body may fluctuate to an extreme degree. While this fluctuation will eventually decrease, the period of time that the woman experiences these fluctuations can be quite uncomfortable. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy provides the woman with hormones that mitigate symptoms such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness. The doctors at Legacy OB/GYN are available to make this necessary transition for every woman as smooth and painless as possible and provide regular monitoring services to ensure that each patient maintains the appropriate hormonal balance for optimal wellbeing.