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Heroes Know When To Call For Help

It has been awhile since I’ve posted a blog. Patient care and an increasingly busy schedule has left me with little time to communicate all of the ideas I have regarding over-all health and wellness. In the past two weeks, however, 2 similar events occurred and I feel obligated to make this post. All of you Heroic girls and women out there who are actively trying to bring PEACE and JUSTICE into this increasingly hostile world: PLEASE THINK ABOUT YOUR PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH before you walk into a group to break up a fight. In the past week we saw two women whose lives will forever be changed because of their heroism. One 29 year old found herself attacked when she tried to save someone from being attacked by three teen women. She lost some of her teeth, but is amazingly and thankfully still alive. In a separate incident, a 58 year old woman became a victim of a different group of girls when she attempted to stop them from stealing. My message to everyone is clear and definitive: If you see an injustice or crime, PLEASE CALL 911 or SECURITY. Do not put yourself in harm’s way. In situations like this, the heroic thing to do is to call for assistance. Remember, your family and friends are counting on you to be around to be their hero. Don’t become a victim while saving someone else.