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Patient Reviews

What a Skillful and Exceptional Surgeon

Simply put, Dr. Ted Fogwell is truly world class. He is a caring, skillful, succinct, and compassionate physician. Cristi Sutton, WHNP and his entire TAC team exude warmth and sincerity as they manage every detail. I came from AZ for a TAC in the fall of 2022 after learning I was at risk of miscarriage at 16w2d. Because of my GA, Dr. Fogwell was the only surgeon willing to consider my case. Thanks to him, I brought a healthy, incredible daughter into the world at full term that following spring. We all rejoiced! Our experience in Dallas was top flight — I am a *stickler* for this and I was blown away. All coordination was seamless at Texas Health – they worked with us to coordinate everything. All our needs were handled right on campus, from pre/post-op visits, ultrasounds, the operation, and the overnight stay – even meals and post-op lodging for me and my husband! Bottom line: Dr. Fogwell and the TAC team are second to none. I would do it again (but thankfully, I won’t need to).

I have been a patient of Dr. Fogwell for over ten years. He and his staff have provided excellent care for all my needs during this time. Dr. Fogwell is knowledgeable about current practices, takes time to listen and answer questions, and makes solid recommendations for care. He is the type of practitioner who is never rushed and practices medicine on the “whole person.” He recognized issues that were not ob-gyn related and made appropriate recommendations for further care. When it came time for surgery, I trusted Dr. Fogwell entirely and had a successful, easy surgery. I highly recommend him!  

If I could give 1 million stars I would!! Dr. Fogwell has been my doctor for 20 years, and I have recommended him to all my family members and friends. I have worked as a nurse for Texas Health Presbyterian hospital of Dallas for several years and had the privilege of working with Dr. Fogwell – watching the way he cared for his patients and chose him to be MY doctor as well!! His combination of surgical skills, knowledge, kindness, and bedside manner are unmatched. I have worked with hundreds of doctors throughout my career, and I can tell you from experience – they pale in comparison to Dr. Ted Fogwell. Dr. Fogwell recently performed my hysterectomy, and I had NO PAIN. My surgery was on a Friday afternoon, and I was back at work the following Tuesday – I never took a pain pill; it was Incredible!! As he does with all his patients – he took the extra time to perform a beautiful skin closure – you can’t even see a scar! If you are looking for a physician who specializes in women’s health, gynecologic surgeries, abdominal cerclage (for repetitive miscarriages), or are just needing a doctor who will listen and collaborate with you to achieve your best health and wellness look no further.

Dr. Fogwell and his entire office staff are wonderful. He is a skilled surgeon and so very knowledgeable! I am thankful that he performed my surgery. Finding a doctor like him is rare! He is the best!!!

Dr. Fogwell is an exceptionally skilled surgeon with extremely helpful office staff. He performed my surgery 4 weeks ago and I attribute my better-than-average recovery to his expertise in the OR. His bedside manner is great and I would trust him again if I had a GYN surgery need.

Dr. Fogwell and his office staff were just so courteous and amazing during my first visit (Tabitha and Christie in particular)! My surgery was also performed by Dr. Fogwell and everything went great. For someone who is new to this country and was having the first ever surgery, the whole experience has been nothing but positive.

Greatest experience’s I have ever had. Staff was so friendly and always answered the phone with a smile and would take the time to just listen. Dr. Ted Fogwell and his whole staff went above and beyond to make a long distances patient care relationship so easy. A big thank you for giving my daughter the opportunity to begin her new journey in life. We will defiantly keep you updated and post pictures of my new grandchildren.

Dr. Fogwell is one in a million just as another reviewer mentioned. I don’t really write reviews online, but Dr. Fogwell and his team definitely deserves praise. I will forever be grateful to him and his staff. He placed my transabdominal cerclage due to an incompetent cervix two years ago, because of him and the procedure I was able to have a full term, uncomplicated pregnancy. He really listens to your concerns and gives his professional opinion to best tailor care. He also managed my pregnancy and delivered my baby about 4 weeks ago. I am so glad there are still caring doctors like him here. His office staff is also phenomenal Patrice, Christi, and Rachel are just amazing. They always have smiles on their faces regardless of what kind of hectic day it is and try to accommodate everyone’s needs. I never had to wait more than 10 minutes and they were always prompt about getting me back for my appointment. Thank you Dr. Fogwell and your amazing staff!  

Exceptional surgeon, great bedside manner

Dr. Fogwell has been my GYN for years, but recently he performed my very first surgery. I attribute my better-than-average recovery to his years of practice and exceptional skill in the OR. I would trust him again and again, and I am so thankful for his care before, during, and after the surgery.

Dr. Fogwell has been my ob/gyn for years. I have always appreciated his interest in me as a person and not merely as a patient he has to treat.

Dr Fogwell is the best of the best! He delivered all 4 of my children, and each were different type deliveries…first “sunny side up”, 2nd came 5 weeks early, and 3rd and 4th were twins. All 4 were vaginal, and were met with top notch expertise & compassion. He really listens & puts you at ease. Fast forward 15 years. I live 1 1/2 hours away. I started having female issues, and was seen by 2 different reputable Drs in my smaller area. They were unsure what was going on, so I just called Dr Fogwells office to get another opinion. I ultimately ended with a total hysterectomy, and NEVER did I have any issues with his workmanship, & compassion. He hasn’t changed a bit. I spoke with the recovery-room nurses, asking who all the new great doctors were at Presby Dallas, and they actually went on & on about Fogwell truly being the best at his job. It speaks volumes when nurses that work with him & follow his patients rave about him. Look him up, read his bio.

My go-to for any and all things medical for 37 years: healthy deliveries; late-night phone call from Dr. Fogwell to reassure me after a breast cancer diagnosis with the words “you will dance at your boys’ weddings”; recent hysterectomy; the list is endless. There is not a better, kinder or more compassionate physician in DFW. His staff goes above and beyond as well. Focus on patient care is obvious from the moment you walk into the office. Reproductive organs gone, but I’m staying!  

Dr. Fogwell is one in a million. His expertise and experience are are matched by his kind and understanding nature. Dr. Fogwell is extremely thorough and if it wasn’t for him I may not be here today. He puts his patients well being as an utmost priority and I would recommend him to everyone! This is the doctor you want in your corner.

Dr. Fogwell is a wonderful ob/gym. He delivered all three of my healthy children born when I was 39-41. He is kind and caring, always taking the time to visit with me. Actually, I feel as though he has become more of a friend over the years! I highly recommend him!

Best robotic abdominal cerclage surgeon in the country!

Dr. Fogwell is an excellent physician and has cared for me giving birth to 2 children as a 35+ first time mother. He always spends time with me to discuss issues and sometimes just to talk for a moment about other things. He is compassionate and cares about what you need. I highly recommend him!

I love Dr. Fogwell!! He is such an advocate for moms and is the most professional OBGYN I’ve gone to. Highly recommend. His entire staff is so kind too.

Dr fogwell is a wonderful dr. He is very nice and kind and takes his time listening to your questions and asking his . His staff is super sweet! Can’t wait to keep seeing them thanks again

So most people don’t write reviews for their OB GYN, but Dr. Fogwell deserves more recognition then I could every give him. He is a compassionate doctor and a very skilled surgeon as well. I will be forever grateful for my two beautiful babies that were made possible by Dr. Fogwell’s Laparoscopic Abdominal Cerclage procedure (LAP TAC). Dr Fogwell and his team is amazing. He listened our opinion and concern. My pregnancy is high risk. His team was really helpful and cooperative throughout my pregnancy. Such an amazing team and we considered it as God’s gift.