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We are happy to provide a number of IUD options. IUDs are one of the most reliable forms of birth control, and it is reversible.  Please view the following links for more information. There are currently three IUDs available. If you wish to schedule an IUD placement, please call our office.

General Information on IUDs




How to prepare for an IUD insertion:

  • Tell your provider if you are or think you might be pregnant. An IUD should not be placed during pregnancy.
  • Inform your provider of all your medications and any allergies you may have.
  • We recommend you take 600-800 mg of Motrin or ibuprofen approximate 1 hour before appointment. This will help decrease the amount of cramping you experience.
  • Occasionally, we prescribe a medication called Cytotec that you take the night before your procedure. It helps soften your cervix and makes it easier to perform the biopsy. We use this medication commonly if you have never had a vaginal delivery. Please ask your provider if you need this medication.

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