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Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

TOLAC stands for trial of labor after cesarean delivery. The decision for trial of labor after cesarean delivery or elective repeat cesarean delivery should be made by each woman in consultation with your provider. Success rates for women in the United States who attempted TOLAC range from 39 to 70%. Women who have undergone a prior cesarean delivery are at risk for serious maternal and perinatal complications, and you will be counseled about the risk and significance of these complications. If you are interested in a TOLAC, we recommend you discuss it with your provider. In general, we will not induce you if you have had a prior c. section. You need to go into labor on your own. We recommend scheduling a back up c. section date between 39 and 41 weeks. If you get to your scheduled date without going into labor, we will proceed with repeat c. section. Each patient’s situation is unique and should be discussed with your provider. Please see the Anne Arundel Medical Center TOLAC consent form. Feel free to discuss it with your provider.


Anne Arundel Medical Center TOLAC Consent Form

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