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Potassium Sensitivity Testing

Her Healthcare offers Potassium Sensitivity Testing (PST) to test women for Interstitial Cystitis (IC). Common symptoms of IC include: pelvic pain, urinary urgency and frequency. Other symptoms of IC which are not universally recognized as being associated with the bladder include: lower back pain, leg pain, and even painful intercourse.

Potassium Sensitivity Testing allows us to diagnose IC at an early stage, thus increasing the chance of a successful treatment.

Bladders normally have water-tight linings, but the lining in a patient with IC becomes porous–allowing particles such as potassium present in the urine to seep into the muscle. This causes inflammation of the tissue, irritation of the nerves, and the transmission of pain.

Your provider at Her Healthcare will provide you with dietary modifications, medicine, and a regimen to get the pain under control to help you return your bladder lining to normal.

It is no longer necessary to suffer from such “female problems” in silence or whispers. Talk to your provider at Her Healthcare. We understand the feminine prospective and are only a phone call away from helping you!

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