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Vaginal Birth after Cesarean

Just because you’ve had a Cesarean section (C-section) with a previous pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to have another one with your next pregnancy. At Her Healthcare if you desire a vaginal birth subsequent to having delivered by Caesarian section (VBAC), we will gladly evaluate you and your current pregnancy and counsel you regarding the risks and benefits of a vaginal birth after C-section.

Your provider will need the operative report of the previous C-section at the time of the appointment to document the suitability and safety of trial of labor.

As there are conditions and situations which preclude attempting a subsequent vaginal delivery, your provider must be comfortable that you are a suitable candidate to attempt VBAC. Because of the risk of uterine rupture during VBAC, the physician is required to be in the hospital or immediately available during the entire labor in case an emergency C-section is needed. Insurance companies rarely reimburse for this “above and beyond” service.

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