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Despite my burnout (ALMOST EVERY work day FOR THE Last 5 years), there is continued re-energizing once I see the amazing crystal ball results, CRYSTAL BALL. Did I say CRYSTAL BALL RESULTS? YES! of the innovative work we do at HEALTHY STEPS.

I have been wracking my brain to figure out how to spread the SIMPLICITY yet EFFECTIVENESS of this work on a widespread level but, other than the successes at the community lectures I’ve scrounged time to do, I have not been able to share the positive outcomes of our CRYSTAL BALL evaluations. The goal of these evaluations: LONG LIFE/QUALITY OF LIFE. In the stories which follow the names have been changed to protect the innocent…


Dr. Jan comes from New York to see us. She teaches at a well known university in NY but makes it back to Maryland on a regular basis to be with family and “keep my favorite doc.” Prior to seeing us she went through an exhaustive set of EXPENSIVE tests to evaluate constant FATIGUE and BRAIN FOG. AFTER 2 years of negotiation, education and discussion she FINALLY conceded to do the bike test. She completed it yesterday. Today I decoded the results.

She has ASTHMA and a blood pressure RISE TO STROKE levels during exercise.
NO OTHER TEST DONE BY HER SPECIALISTS, gave her this critical info. Her VO2 max (ability to use oxygen) is 86 %. (this is NOT out of 100% … the highest value we have had is 173% from a female triathlete).

The fix is simple: Evaluate airway inflammation (which exists in 80-90% of patients because we KNOW what to look for) we recommend natural/holistic as well as conventional treatments to Decrease airway inflammation TO IMPROVE OXYGEN UPTAKE. We evaluate her for FOOD and ENVIRONMENTAL causes of airway inflammation through our allergy testing. Further, we check for anemia which affects OXYGEN TRANSPORT (because the red blood cells “carry” the oxygen throughout the body). Additionally, we check for cholesterol which affects OXYGEN DELIVERY (at the level of the blood vessel) to the ENTIRE BODY.

If any (or all) of these 3 simple pathways are affected what do we have? FATIGUE AND BRAIN FOG. Hmmmmm….Guess what!? NONE of her EXPENSIVE TESTING, with her multiple specialists over the last 2 years, gave her this LIFE CHANGING information. Once we fine tune the areas of concern (OXYGEN UPTAKE, TRANSPORT and/or DELIVERY) this will positively affect her life profoundly. Howwwww do I know this?.. This has been 5 years of studying EACH patient, EACH day and the resultant clinical innovative work to achieve PERSONALIZED CARE.

To Be Continued….!!