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Key Dates

Approximate Weekly Schedule

0 Weeks

First day of last menstrual period

2 Weeks


6-8 Weeks

First Sonogram

First Obstetrical appointment

10+ Weeks – Optional

Genetic blood draw to determine gender, risk of Down Syndrome, Trisomy and other genetic problems

Heartbeat by Doppler becomes possible

12 Weeks

Sonogram – Nuchal Translucency

Obstetrical appointment

  • Physical exam
  • Pap
  • Cultures

16 Weeks

Obstetrical appointment

Register for childbirth classes – usually to be taken at 28 to 32 weeks

20 Weeks

Sonogram (gender can usually be determined during this sonogram, if desired)

Obstetrical appointment

Dr. Fogwell’s OB Deposit is due

Submit completed hospital pre-admission form to hospital. Pre-admission form is found on-line at

24 Weeks

Obstetrical appointment

Discuss Glucose Testing for next appointment

Discuss Cord Blood information

28 Weeks

Obstetrical appointment

Gestational diabetes screen


Rhogam and antibody screen if Rh negative

30 Weeks


Obstetrical appointment

32 Weeks

Obstetrical appointment

34 Weeks

Obstetrical appointment

36 Weeks

Obstetrical appointment

Group B Strep Vaginal Culture

Optional Cervical exam

37 Weeks


Obstetrical appointment

38 Weeks

Obstetrical appointment

Cervical exam

39 Weeks

Obstetrical appointment

Cervical exam

40 Weeks

Obstetrical appointment

Cervical exam

Estimated due date (normal labor and delivery can occur anytime from 37 to 41 weeks)

Additional sonograms will be ordered if they are medically necessary. You can request a sonogram anytime, please be aware that your insurance company may not reimburse you for additional sonograms.

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