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Rh Negative Blood Types

Rh Negative Blood Types

If your blood type is Rh-negative (that is, O neg, A neg, B neg, or AB neg), you will need to receive a gamma globulin injection at the following times:

  • Any time you have bleeding during your pregnancy
  • At approximately 28 weeks gestation
  • Within 72 hours after delivery if your baby’s blood type is found to be Rh-positive

This injection is given to prevent an immune reaction if some of your baby’s blood cells enter your bloodstream. The baby’s Rh-positive cells entering your bloodstream could cause your body’s defense system to create antibodies to attack the different invading Rh positive cells. The RhoGAM injection will prevent this from happening.

These injections are not necessary if the father of the baby is also Rh negative. However, he must have blood work ordered through our office showing that his blood type is Rh negative (that is, O neg, A neg, B neg, or AB negative).

If your blood type is Rh-negative, you need to contact us immediately with any vaginal bleeding so that we can determine whether or not you need to receive a RhoGAM injection.