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Menopause is not a disease; rather it is an inevitable chapter in a woman’s life. Some of the emotional and physical changes which occur can be bewildering and uncomfortable. At Women’s Health Specialist of Frederick, we strive to understand what is most bothersome to you, and to offer treatment options which work for you.

What is Menopause?   
Menopause is a natural part of the aging process, but that somehow does not make the hot flashes and vaginal dryness any better. At Women’s Health Specialist of Frederick, our expert providers can guide you through this change and help alleviate side effects as well as minimize future health challenges. Call our practice today to learn more about we can help you navigate menopause.

How is Menopause Treated?   
Menopause, unfortunately can not be halted, but there are treatments that can minimize symptoms so you can feel better. Hormone therapies in the form of creams, patches, and pills can help regulate your estrogen and progesterone levels. Not everyone is a candidate for hormones, however, the physicians at Women’s health Specialists of Frederick may recommend vaginal estrogen creams to combat dryness, or lifestyle changes to help ease your discomfort