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What is BREVAGen™

Each year in the United States, more than 192,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. So it’s no wonder many women ask the question, “What are my own chances?” BREVAGen™ is a first-in-class predictive risk test for sporadic breast cancer. By combining a woman’s individual risk factors (Gail test) with specific genetic markers, BREVAGen can assist physicians in developing personalized breast cancer risk management plans. As a noninvasive oral swab test, BREVAGen is very easy to use in the clinic setting.

BREVAGen™ is the only breast cancer risk test that combines laboratory test results with your personal history to give you and your doctor a clearer picture of your risk of developing breast cancer.

The BREVAGen™ test examines your cells to detect the absence or presence of a unique set of gene markers associated with an increased risk of breast cancer in tens of thousands of women studied. These results are then combined with the risk factors you have identified from the questionnaire portion of the BREVAGen test. Your BREVAGen results give your individual breast cancer risk scores based on these two pieces of information.

To learn more about BREVAGen™, visit the BREVAGen™ website.

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