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da Vinci® Surgery



Now with da Vinci® Robotic Assisted Surgery, a hysterectomy can be performed with only a few small incisions. This means you can get back to life within days rather than the usual weeks required with traditional surgery. Surpassing the limits of conventional laparoscopic surgery, da Vinci® is revolutionizing gynecologic surgery for women. More than 100,000 da Vinci® surgeries have been performed since FDA approval in 2005.

da Vinci® Surgery enables the doctor to perform a more precise, minimally invasive hysterectomy. For most women, da Vinci® Hysterectomy offers numerous benefits over traditional hysterectomy surgery, including:

  • Small incisions for minimal scarring
  • Significantly less pain
  • Minimal blood loss
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Quicker recovery
  • Quicker return to normal activities
  • Fewer complications

If you have been putting off surgery to resolve a gynecologic problem, it’s time to ask your doctor at Personalized Women’s Healthcare about da Vinci® Surgery.

To learn more make an appointment with your physician.