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New Patient Checklist

The following steps will ensure that your visit with us is as stress-free and relaxed as possible.

  • Please bring your driver’s license and insurance card with you for us to scan into your electronic medical record. Although we will then have a scanned copy of your driver’s license and insurance card we are required to re-verify these and look at them at every visit.
  • Pharmacy Information: – Please have your pharmacy name, address and telephone number for us to be able to electronically prescribe your medications.
  • Diagnostic Laboratory: – Please contact your insurance to find out what your preferred lab (e.g.LabCorp, Quest) is that we need to send any bloodwork or specimens to.
  • Look at the Contact Us section for a map of our location and directions from your house to our clinic.
  • It is best not to insert anything vaginally 48-72 hours prior to your pap.
  • For best cervical cell sampling, try to plan your pap around day 14 of your cycle – counting day #1 as the first day of your period. This is when the cells are the “ripest” and best viewed under the microscope.
  • If you know you want your cholesterol checked, please fast for 8 hours prior to your lab draw. Do, however, drink plenty of water. You may also have coffee but it has to be plain, no milk or sugar. Also, please take all your medications as scheduled. These should not be held on the day of your appointment.